joy of Sharing

One of the interesting part of Malaysian Cuisine is joy of sharing. At Banana Leaf, you have lots of choices from appetizers to desserts. Therefore, we suggest you to invite your friends and family members to dine not just for food, but also for the experience. 

Pictures above (from left to right):

Mango Kerabu - Shredded fruit salad with cucumber, carrot, and jicama. Tossed in kerabu fish sauce and our sweet and sour dressing. Served with crushed peanut, sesame seed, and shallot. 

Kum Heong Lobster - The entire lobster, shell and all, breaded and wok-fried in Malay and Chinese spices and dried shrimp, curry spices, oyster sauce, chili and lemongrass.

Caramelized Ginger Black Cod - Breaded bone-in black cod steak topped with Malay black sweet sauce, enriched with caramelized ginger, garlic, shallot, and Chinese wine.