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Malaysian fare isn't about a singular distinctive taste, but about diversity, with a blend of culinary inspiration from India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Eurasia, and Malaysia's indigenous population. It combines the best of South East Asia, from India's roti canai, Singapore's laksa, to China's Hainanese chicken rice, creating a menu that is a delight to try. Malaysian food, with its diverse influences, makes it the perfect match for Vancouver's own multicultural atmosphere.

Banana Leaf is determined to serve the best that Malaysian cuisine has to offer. Not only do we strive to create delicious dishes that will have you coming back for more, but we are committed to exceptional service and exceeding expectations. Malaysia is the warm heart of South East Asia, and we want you to feel the full warmth of our welcome.

To the left is our Broadway menu. Please be advised that there are minor variations on this menu for five locations. Our Denman location features a smaller selection. Certain items may not be available at all locations.

Menu and prices subject to change without notice. Any discrepancy between prices listed here and prices on location, on location pricing will be deemed as accurate.

Automatic large group gratuity will apply as follows:

6-8 people: 15%, 9+ people: 18%

For your safety and allergy concerns, please note that all our dishes may contain trace amounts of nuts and/or seafood.